This Week at Mount Olivet 06/26/16

What’s happening this week

Sun June 26
7:30 AM Resounding Team Warm Up & Prayer for Services
8:30 AM Contemporary Service
9:45 AM Sunday School
11:00 AM Traditional Service
5:15 PM Slip-n-slide kickball combined event
with Manteo Baptist Church

Mon June 27
6:30 AM Men’s Reunion Group meets in Room “C”
7:00 PM Men’s Bible Study

Tue June 28
2:00 PM Tuesday Youth Kayaking

Wed June 29
6:00 PM Prayer Meeting in the Church Library
7:30 PM High School Bible Study

Thurs June 30
6:00 PM Resounding Praise Rehearsal
7:00 PM Chancel Choir

Fri July 1
2:00 PM Middle School Open Cove and Bible Study
5:30 PM Children’s Ministry Bowling Bash /Lock In

This weeks sermon is by Drew Peyton: “But God…”