Kairos Outside Ministry

Kairos Ministries of Northeast NC has been blessed to start up a KAIROS OUTSIDE ministry for women who have someone significant in their lives in prison who has been part of the Kairos ministry inside.

This is a ministry much like Emmaus, where the woman is invited to attend a weekend retreat where she may find Jesus, Renewal, and Unconditional Love.  It is a ministry funded entirely by donations.  One way to partner with this ministry is to provide a Meal for our guests…a donation of $5 pays for the meal and places a note of encouragement at the plate stating the meal was provided by love with your first name on it.  Another way to help this ministry is to donate funds for “where they are needed most!”

Ramona and Marcia are part of the team of Women from Northeast NC who are serving as leaders on this first weekend and ask for your prayers and if you have any questions or think you might like to be involved, please see either one of them.