First Friday Christmas Celebration & Brunswick Stew

The First Friday Christmas Celebration is approaching fast and we need your help in handing out cups of Brunswick Stew during the event. We are also in need of pulled chicken and pulled beef for the stew. Below you will find the information for preparing and delivering the ingredients. If you plan to bring ingredients or have any questions please contact Doc Sawyer at 475-8803.


Directions: You can either slow roast the meat in the oven or slow cook it in a crockpot. The idea is to cook the meat so slowly that when it is done, it falls apart. While it is still hot, shred the meat, pulling it apart with your fingers or with forks. It’s important to do this while the meat is hot. If it cools, you cannot shred the meat. Also, shred just the meat and discard the bones and fat. Finally, put the shredded meat in a Ziplock bag. (Don’t bring the meat in a container that needs to be returned to you.) We also need the au jus – the juice from the cooked meat – for the stew. Strain the juice into a separate Ziplock bag. Deliver the two (2) bags, one with shredded meat, one with the au jus – juice, to Doc Sawyer located at 277 Mother Vineyard Road on Thursday, Dec.1st after 6 p.m. or to R.D. Sawyer Motor Co on Thursday Dec 1st or Friday, Dec. 2nd. Doc will begin cooking the stew near the Christmas tree on the Manteo waterfront on Friday, Dec. 2nd at around noon. If you can’t take the meat to Doc’s house or to the dealership before noon on Dec.2nd, then please bring it to the Manteo waterfront where he will be cooking the stew. Doc must have it before 3 pm on Friday, Dec. 2nd. If you have any questions at all please call Doc on 475-8803