2015 Graduates Recognition

2015 Graduate Recognition

Mount Olivet would like to be able to recognize the 2015 graduates of both high school and college. In order to do this, we need your help to ensure we have located all those students who are members; parents or grandparents are members of Mt. Olivet or are active in the Cove Ministries. We need this information by May 26th; Recognition Sunday will be June 7th during the 11:00 am service. We don’t want to leave anyone out!

Please call the church office (473-2089) and provide the following information for each of your seniors:

If they are graduating from high school –

    • Their name and the high school they are graduating from
    • What are their future plans? Are they going to college? If so, where?

If they are graduating from college –

    • Their name and the name of the college they are graduating from
    • What degree will they be earning? Do you know their future plans?